Alumino Thermit Welding Kit

Alumino Thermit Welding Portions

Small Track Machine

Compressed Air Petrol Blower

Weld Trimmer

Weld Grinding Machine & Mixture

Abrasive Rail Cutter

Rail Cutting Wheel Abrasive Disc

Grinder As Spare for Rail Profile Weld Grinding Machine & Mixture

Electrical operated Abrasive Rail Cutter

Rail Grinding Wheel for Rail Profile Weld Grinding Machine & Mixture

Portable D C Welding Generator

Box Type Gauge Cum Level (BG & MG) + Spirit Level

Rail Profile Grinder - (Fuel Operated)

Hydraulic Rail Blender (Jim Crow) Heavy Duty

Rail Cutting Machine (Saw Type)

Electronic Toe Load Measuring Device

Track Based Lubricators (Electronic Type)

Hydraulic Track Jack 15t Capacity (non-infringing type)

Mechanical Track Jack 8 T Capacity (Non-Infringing Type)

Light Weight Rail (Mono) Cum Road Trolley

Chamfering Kit

Off Track Tampers (Engine Mounted Version)

GPS Based Oscillation Monitoring System

Elastic Rail Clip (Inserter And Extractor)

Hydraulic Sleeper Spacer

Hydraulic Track Lifting Cum Slewing Device (TRALIS) 15t Capacity

Hydraulic Rail Tensor (Non-Infringing) 70t Capacity

Self- Propelled Light Weight Trolley

Magnetic Base Type Rail Thermometer

Continuous Rail Thermometer

GPS (Geo Positioning System) Based Foot Plate Inspection Device

Powered Material Trolley

Portable Genset (To Operate Grinder Machine To Grind Thermit Welding Rail Joints)

Rail Drilling Machine - (Fuel Operated)

Light Weight Track Machines

Light Weight Abrasive Rail Cutter 22 Kg

Light Weight Rail Drilling Machine 20 Kg

Battery Operated Track Machines

Battery Operated Rail Drilling Machine

Battery Operated Rail Grinding Machine

Battery Operated Impact Wrench

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

Digital USFD Weld Tester

Vehicular System

Single Rail Flaw Detector

DRT (Double Rail Tester)

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