Abrasive Rail Cutter

Abrasive Rail Cutter

Product Description

Our Abrasive Rail Cutter are used for cutting rail track for any type of rails. Mounted on rail track with no load on the operator It can cut rail in max 5 mts with precise cutting squareness of 0.5mm.


    1. It is 4stroke petrol driven engine, no need to add 2T oil in petrol.

    2. Operator is able to cut 8 to 9 cuts in 1 litre petrol on 60 kg 90 UTS Rail

    3. Self Acceleration button is provided in the machine to operate at a continious speed where operator has to just swing the bars to cut the rail. 

    4. There is no de-clamping to be done by the operator while cutting irrespective of whatever is the disc diameter.

    5. There is no pressure of the machine on the hands nor on the back of  the operator. Machine is designed in such a way that operator has to just swing his arms while cutting and the machine with its weight cuts the track without any pressure on him.

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