Powered Material Trolley

Powered Material Trolley

Product Description

Powered Material Trolley covers performance requirements of Self Propelled Material Trolley in completely assembled and furnished conditions for operation on 1676 mm (Nominal) gauge on main line and branch line of Indian Railways.


    1. The Power Material Trolley is self propelled, powered by an air cooled diesel/ petrol engine or a light weight Generator Set.

    2. The self gross weight of trolley is ≤ 350 kg.

    3. The trolley has sitting arrangement for 3 person in front and  additional 3 person at the back of front seat enabling officials to sit comfortably while doing track works.

    4. Two hooks for catching Gauge-Cum-Level is provided on the vertical posts of the hood/shed.

    5. The wheel dia of trolley is large enough to provide stability at designed speed of 30 kmph (min.) and capable of negotiating diamond switches.

    6. The trolley has proper breaking system operated by foot pedal/mechanical hand break. Trolley also has mechanical parking brakes.

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