Self- Propelled Light Weight Trolley

Self- Propelled Light Weight Trolley

Product Description

Self Propelled light weight Trolley is a light vehicle propelled by a portable air cooled engine and it can run on railway track for inspection/quick access to an emergency work site.


    1. The trolley is robust, sturdy, compact in design and capable of working in conditions mentioned under technical condition clause of RDSO specification.

    2. All hydraulic, electrical, electronic and mechanical control as well as parts such as pipes, wiring, cables, control panel etc. are interconnected and included in trolleys as self contained unit.

    3. The trolley is designed and constructed in such a way so as to ensure simple operation.

    4. It is potencial to run at a speed of 20 kmph

    5. The trolley consist of strong, light weight high strength material capable of giving required strength and rigidity.

    6. Trolley has two nos. head light/front light and tail lights to work the trolley during night.

    7. The trolley has three plastic moulded chairs enabling officials to sit comfortably while doing track works.

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