Hydraulic Rail Tensor (Non-Infringing) 70t Capacity

Hydraulic Rail Tensor (Non-Infringing) 70t Capacity

Product Description

The requirement of obstruction less/non-infringing type hydraulic rail tensor used for rail distressing, rail welding, installation of insulated glued joints and other repair works of rail failures. The hydraulic rail tensor is obstruction less type, hydraulically operated with a hand pump connected to a cylinder assemblies through flexible rubber hose pipe.


    1. It posseses features of unique design, light weight, simple and convenient manipulation powerful force and non-damge of rail working surface.

    2. Design of hydraulic rail tensor is rugged and robust to withstand the various operating and handling forces.

    3. The construction of the machine is such that parts can be easily and quickly replaced in case of break-down while carrying out works at site.

    4. It is easy to use, operate and maintain.

    5. We can operate efficiently in all environmental conditions as expected in India.

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