Elastic Rail Clip (Inserter And Extractor)

Elastic Rail Clip (Inserter And Extractor)

Product Description

This machine is suitable to insert and extract Pandrol clips, working on both sides of the rail at the same time. The unit, powered by a sturdy and powerful Honda petrol engine of new generation, consists of a high pressure hydraulic pump which feeds the two hydraulic cylinders, each equipped with an appropriate insection tools used to insert and extract the pandrol clips.


    1. The machine is equipped with a lighting system for night operation, with an ergonomically designed handle, equipped with hydraulically assisted servo commands, which guarantee precision and rapidity of operation, ensuring at the same time the operation in conditions of maximum safety for the operator.

    2. To make easy the transport, the machine can be divided in three sections, and precisely the pump unit, the insertion and extraction unit, and the trolley.

    3. The insertion time of the Pandrol clips are approximately 8/10 seconds per Pandrol’s pair, and then about 400 Pandrol’s pair per hours.

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