Chamfering Kit

Product Description

A process of chamfering of holes on the existing rails by using high tensile bolt and nut, and a torque wrench with built-in ratchet has been evolved, to avoid the most of the rails fail along the axis of rails starting at the hole provided for joining the rails by means of fish plates and bolts, which fails due to fatigue at reversal of stress the sharp corners of holes.


    1. High tensile fish bolt 130 x 20mm with nut - 1 set

    2. Set of 2 High Speed steel chamfering bits (For 32 mm dia holes) - 1 set"

    3. Set of 2 High Speed steel chamfering bits (For 28 mm dia holes )- 1 set"

    4. 19 mm square drive sockets size 32 mm - 2 Nos.

    5. Set of two packing pieces ( sleeves) - 1 set

    6. T-400 torque -wrench with ratchet mechanism 1.25m length - 1 No.

    7. Square box wrench of nominal size 19 (If hexagon head bolt is used) - 1 No.

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