Electronic Toe Load Measuring Device

Electronic Toe Load Measuring Device

Product Description

Toe load measuring device is used to determine the toe load of elastic rail clips or tension clamps during service in the field. This device uses a hydraulic cell for gauging the load and is capable of measuring the toe load on metro rail & national rail networks. It's modular design helps to use it with ERC and multiple Tension clamp designs. Device comes with calibrated load gauge with dual load scale of Kilo Newton (KN) and kilogram force (Kgf). Its simple design facilitates a quick two way measurement in single position.


    1. Swift Operation with convenient two-way measurement design

    2. Device is Equipped with maintenance-free and durable Hydraulic Load Cell.

    3. Calibrated and branded load gauge in stainless steel construction.

    4. Interchangeable and highly designed Clamping attachment

    5. Convenient tri-rod handle for taking precise measurements

    6. The equipment is portable and can be easily carried by one person.

    7. A convenient tri-rod handle helps in very controlled lifting of the clamp/clip, which leads to precise measurement of the toe load.

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