Rail Cutting Machine (Saw Type)

Rail Cutting Machine (Saw Type)

Product Description

This machine has the mission of making precise cuts of the profiles of the most common rails. It has a petrol engine and a reducer that transmits the movement to a blade of high quality steel, cooled by a suitable liquid. The positioning on the rail is done by placing the machine directly on the cutting point and, by tightening the clamp, the cut can be performed. This system avoids digging under the sole and with a minimum effort and maneuverability can be installed or uninstalled on a rail in a small timeframe.


    1. The cutting is carried out in a fully automatic way by means of a pneumatic system that gradually lowers the blade, applying to the machine the necessary force to cut, also minimizing blade wear.

    2. The protection of the blade, its safety systems and the emergency stop button guarantee maximum safety for the operator.

    3. With the machine we supply the rail profile templates and optionally the cutting blades can also be supplied. 

    4. The 10 liter tank is included with the machine.

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