Track Based Lubricators (Electronic Type)

Track Based Lubricators (Electronic Type)

Product Description

With the development of railways and large increase in speed, the wear of rail curve caused by train wheel is very serious, especially for small radius curves. In order to prolong the service life of the flange and rail, our company has successfully developed the intelligent curve multi-point lubricator, which is suitable for the application of special antiwear agent of lubricating at 16mm on the rail action edge of the strand on the curve. It not only solves the problem of rail small radius curve side grinding, but also reduces the strong noise caused by the friction between train wheelsets and rail, prolongs the service life of rail and wheel, and also reduces the maintenance cost.


    1. It is composed of micro-computer control system, solar power generation system and lubricating grease supply system.

    2. Easy handling and transportation of machine in its segment.

    3. It is complaince with GPS system to control the monitring of sytem in respect of cloud and sending SMS to 3 person.

    4. It will work during the rainy season with the change over system from solar to 24 V DC as well as 240 V AC .

    5. System compliance of Predecided time cycle and wheel counts.

    6. The system comprises of reservoir of 50 kg capacity tank of grease.

    7. The grease is Mak Garonex R250 of BPCL make as per RDSO specification.

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