Rail Profile Grinder - (Fuel Operated)

Rail Profile Grinder - (Fuel Operated)

Product Description

Our rail profile grinders are used for deburring, re-profiling of rails after welding in order to clean the rail after welding. Our machines are used for all rails and switches efficiently and rail tolerances are brought within the specified dimensions.


    1. It is suitable for grinding rail welding seam, uneven joint, rail side fat edge, rail surface repair welding of all rails.

    2. The working position is user-friendly.

    3. It is convenient to take on or off rail while working on site.

    4. The machine is designed in such a way that adequate pressure is generated for grinding without requiring an extra effort from the operator.

    5. The machine has perfect balance on rail even when it is inclined to 90° to grind sides of the rail heads.

    6. The grinding machine is compatible and portable with power source such as petrol or diesel engine genset.

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