Alumino Thermit Welding Portions

Alumino Thermit Welding Portions

Product Description

India has one of the 5th largest Rail Network in the World with more than 75000 Track Km with a vision to build more than 100000 Track Km in a period of next 3 years. This requires reliable and durable tracks. We manufacture AT welding portions for various types of rail profiles and grades. We also manufacture related welding equipment & tools which are 3 pc Pre-fabricated Mould, Single Shot Crucible fitted with Auto Tapping Thimble, Multi Use Crucible and various other such related equipments. We also undertake weld execution projects for welding of rails for maintenance and construction of new lines by our well-trained welding teams.


    • Alumino Thermit Welding Portions,
    • 3 Piece pre-fabricated mould (zircon washed),
    • Single Shot Crucible fitted with Auto Tapping Thimble/Multi Use Crucible for various types of rails i.e. 52kg, 60Kg (90UTS & 110 UTS), R260, 1080 HH Rails & 1175HT, 45Kg, 45Kg E1, 54Kg, BS80, BS100 as well as for range of Crane Rails i.e. CR80, CR100, CR120, A75, A100 and many other types.

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