Battery Operated Impact Wrench

Battery Operated Impact Wrench

Product Description

The lithium battery bolt wrench machine is suitable for tightening operation of ordinary sleeper vertical bolts, turnout sleeper vertical bolts and high speed railway sleeper plate vertical bolts. Design and install bolt torque display mechanism and torque adjustment mechanism in the middle of the machine.


    1. Using lithium battery as energy source, low voltage and high-current DC motor as power, it has the characteristics of small size and high power.

    2. The machine has no pollution to the environment and railway lines,  

    3. It has low noice, large torque, small size, light weight, convenient up and down, fast tightening bolts, simple operation, and no harm to the health of operators.

    4. More than 500 bolts can be tightened with one charge, and it can work continiously for 3 hours.

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