Electrical operated Abrasive Rail Cutter

Electrical operated Abrasive Rail Cutter

Product Description

Electrical Operated Rail Cutter are used for cutting rail track for any type of rails. It’s a necessary toll used in railway overhaul, maintenance and rush repairing operation. Mounted on rail track with no load on the operator.


    1. It has electric driven motor, no need of fuel such as petrol/diesel/kerosene.
    2.The machine is capable of cutting all types of flat bottom rails being used in Indian Railways and of any metallurgy up to 90 UTS.
    3. There is no de-clamping to be done by the operator while cutting irrespective of whatever is the disc diameter.
    4.  Machine is designed in such a way that operator has to just swing his arms while cutting and there is no pressure of the machine on the hands nor on the back of  the operator.
    5. The machine functions properly in tilted position also if required.

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